For All Its Worth

Le Chateliers Principle

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Le Chateliers Principle

You say you want to see me again. But how do I know it's not just another lie. It's been so long since you pushed me away.

I can't think of anything you could have to say. But I'll fall back in. When you cast your spell. Though your lips are poison.
I can't turn you down. To think that only one year ago. I could barley remember your name. Now it's permanently etched in my heart. Just don't act like I never ment anything.

I remember your eyes when we kissed. For the first time. Before things turned bad.
I remember what we had. Do you remember that night when you finaly told me how you felt. After so many months you just turned your back on me.

I've spent so many tears. But I'd shed a million more. For just one more night. With you.

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