Lee Remick

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I think it was in '83 my father left the family,
But came back three weeks later for a love both firm and stable.
I think it was in '91 that Lee Remick died……
The sibling rivalry between my sister and me turned into the strongest branch of our family tree.
When I was young I dreamt of Lee Remick,
She had a ring upon each finger, she was smiling all the while.
Her hair was just long enough so it bounced upon her shoulders,
She said she always spoke the truth.
My Father let me down but I so easily forgave him,
And I know the home wrecker has a place within his heart.
I used to blame my mother for each and every failure,
And how Lee Remick's eyes sparkled that brilliant blue.
He looked just like a Jonathon but he said his name was Ashley,
He was my best friend til he drank so much his heart sank.
And all my pretty friends who just grew up and failed
and what if I fail? What if I've failed already?
Those filthy little angels tugging at my heart saying
'boredom is a sin, ambition should be everything'

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