Frozen Mist

Left Betrayed

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So now she's writhing in pain
Her hands grip tight the scarlet pillows.
The fears that she hides so deep
Fall the feathers into weeping willows.

"And emerged from the ground, pretty bloody hands
I try to pull you down into the dark water
You rise and levitate with no strings attached
Into vermilion skies, here comes the rain.
Cracked thru the mud distant bloodsoaked hands
I tear you asunder, shred you into my lust
A ravens serenade, black wings of destiny
Her wicked placid mind screams out beautiful pain."

Fallen dreams left betrayed from my precious Marionette
A mist of the darkest skies designed so belligerent
Summon the breeze to wither our fragile moments
A malicious euphony so strident to eager mortality.
Blood spews out of our breeding cacophony
Designated shadows obliterate the intuitious betrayls
Suffer forever an invitation to your shattered mind
A desolation laid to rest in our beautiful reality.

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