Left Click to Play

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Ladies & gentlemens, this is a new game from absenth!
Connect to our server and start…

Shadows and smoke over hollywood.
You run alone between the steel charred wood.
Bloody sunrise over the destroyed town’s (2) buildings.
Thousand monsters have upraised up the claws and poisonous jaws.

Shoot, shoot the carnium!
Shoot the generator!
Ashes and bounds, monsters around.
Trembling with fear, closed ears not to hear
Let show proceeds. Right click to death.
Left click to play. Hey!

Locked in the cranium, in private with the fears.
Locked in the cranium! Nry! nobody will hear.
Space of your hollywood under the beast’s attack, in fire.
The generator works and makes monsters over and over again.

Shoot, shoot the carnium!
Shoot the generator!

Long road leaving in the muzzle of gun.
Lead on the palm like the iced sun.
Generator waits outside the door
To present to you a black flower.