The Independents

Left For Dead

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Alone in the back seat, never felt no love
Did what you had to do, just to see it through
Then he came from the light, seemed to make everything alright
Made you feel things you'd only read, then he left you for dead

Come on get off your ass why can't you try to see
The only thing love is good for is to make you bleed
Went and gave your life to promises that he said
C onfused, wet, bleeding, left for dead

Walked out in the crowed streets, shunned by all the people you meet
They say they all know the story of how you ruined a man his dreams
You took the preacher man by the hand, he went and laid upon the sand
He put a bullet in your head, and then he went and left you for dead

Dark, cold, wet, confused, alone, crawling, bleeding, screaming

Autor(es): Evil Presly