Toxic Shock

Left to die

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Left to die, trapped and destoyed, they all will spit on you
Burned, your power, burned to dust, like wood put in the fire
Smell of death surround the scene, as you take your last breath
Behind you waits the new one, better as you've ever been

Left to die!

No regrets, by your death, they'll only turn their backs
After crusades, all over the world now thrown against the wall
Never stopped, till the end, never lost the aim
But one mistake, can bring your fate, can push you to the ground

Left to die!

Memories! A few years ago, a better tim when you hold the power in the hand
Now watch the wreck! Dying sin, you close your eyes and you wish yourself away
But look around! In every corner, look what will remain of all that was once great
Skeletons! Rotting here, rotting throwned together waiting for another day

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