Banda Champion

Left Your Mark

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And this is where it ends after all this time, our
your promises, you put in your time and now you're
moving on.
So we'll sever our ties and move our directions.
So this is where it ends and I know I can't abandon
the past
and pretend that it never existed
because it meant the world to me, and it means the
world to me.

I always thought our hopes and aspirations were
considered one and the same.
I believe in the word integrity,
I believed in your integrity but, today I won't let it
hold me back.
Your mark still burns so deep.

Today I'm moving on, your attitude you can keep.
And you say my feelings will pass in the days to come
they mean the world to me, and this means the world to
You had the choice of leaving, and yeah, you left your

You don't understand integrity, you'll never
understand integrity.
So just turn your back 'cause I'm doing the same.
We can both walk away from here with no more games.
It's so bad that it comes to this but, what did you
All of my faith, my trust, my respect,
my time that I put into you, it's all through.