Legacy Of The Wild

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Storming the gates to purgatory, we are riding the storm
Raise your fist in victory, we hail the blazon stone, we march on
A whole life branded by tunes of steel
It's in my heart and in my blood eternally

Hail to the free, hooray to the wild
Gave me force, faith and pride
Glorious and legendary tales
Branded the whole metal age

We are branded and exiled, prisoners of our time
The brotherhood's our guardian, we are rebels at heart - 'til we die
The big brother I never had at my side
Through the dark and in the light, guiding my life

Hail to the free...

Chains and leather, it's metal 'til death, they call us renegades
Dorkas can't tame libertalia, the heart of the wild and free

Hail to the free...

Forever in our hearts
Legacy of the wild
Forever in our hearts
Legacy of the wild

Autor(es): Alex Hilbert / Felix Borner / Jens Borner / Lonewolf