Marvelous 3

Legend Of CC Road

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If you want to see hell, there's a place you can go.
Take a little ride down CC road.
Deep in the sticks in the full moonlight,
An old church glows in the dead of night.
Now Billy you should know,
If you go down there you might lose your soul.
The legend you've heard, it ain't just lies.
Take my word, you better think twice.

Billy don't you go down CC road.

Well here's the story and it ain't too pretty.
You better sit down and listen to me.
The devils children came on night to that holy place for a sacrifice.
They took the Lord's cross, turned it upside down,
Drove it like a stake, claimed it Lucifer's ground.
The legend you heard, it ain't no lies.
If you go down there, you might pay the price.

Billy don't you go down CC road.

Billy, whatcha lookin' for?
What do you want to see?
Has curiosity got the best of you?
Billy, what's it gonna be?
Do you want to say you saw it all?
Are you trying to prove you are a man?
You're playing with the Devil's fire.
I hope that you understand.
But if you're going down there, I can't let you go alone.
I'll show you the way, just pray we make it home.

Autor(es): J. Harte

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