Legend Of The Kings

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Come across the water to the land of hope
Where's a man who dares to be the king
He don't ever give a damn
"Who's afraid of Uncle Sam?"
All the world belongs to him

Hey you, listen well!
Don't walk on this way
Keep straight in line
You're under my control

Claimed to free a nation from a tyranny
Ordered to his knights: "Bring him alive!"

Tyrant on the run
He's got no chance at all
The reign; and the tyrant
Stains on the history
And so
The legend of the kings
I write it
And mean it
Don't need your majesty

Wield the sceptre like two hundred years ago
Pretender of a godlike mighty king
Patience running out and let the people shout
"Behead the emperor!" and it was done

His back to the wall
The queen beside him crying
Hangman, get on!
A dream was dying