Crystal Viper

Legions Of Truth

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Six millions died for him
People thought they can not win
Forgotten blood of innocence
Priests of evil, templars' blades
They'll show you heaven's gates
Is it god's wish? Where's the sense?
Monks of doom and evil spells
For glory of holy names
Temples of lies full of gold
Give them everything you have
Or you will burn, meet the death
Now you have no rights, you have been sold!

Is the god's will makes us suffer?
If it's symbol of life
Why it is cold and silent, like a grave?

The truth need to find a way
- raise your head!
Follow your heart and fight
Bury the cross and be free
Raise your head and show no mercy!

If you're different - you will die!
What can we do, are they too high?
Time to bring them down, show the truth!
So many ages of lies
Ohh, don't let them hide
Now show the truth!
With true evil time to fight
Now we will bring the light
Legion of the truth, we'll never hide!
We don't need no cross
We've taken our course
Side by side!

Is the god's will makes us suffer?
If it's symbol of life
Is the god's will makes us suffer?
Now we're free. It's the end...!

Autor(es): Bart Gabriel / Lukasz Halczuch / Marta Gabriel

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