The Kingston Trio

Lemon Tree

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When i was just a let of 10, my father said to me, "come here
And take a lesson from the lovely lemon tree.
"don't put your faith in love my boy my father said to me"

Lemon tree, very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet, but the
Fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat (repeat chorus)

Beneath that lemon tree one day, my love and i did lie. a girl
So sweet that when she smiled, the stars rose in the sky.
We passed the summer lost in love beneath the lemon tree. the
Music of her laughter hid my father's words from me.


One day she left without a word. she took away the sun and in
The dark she left behind, i knew what she had done.
She left me for another. it's a common tale but true. a sadder
Man but wiser now, i sing these words to you.


Autor(es): Will Holt

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