Lend a Hand

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You Are God's most beautiful creation
From the moment i set my eyes upon you
I knew I wanted to be near
To feel your arms wrap around me
And to share myself with you
Would be nothing but ecstasy
Knowing you will make me whole again(-L)
Then she said no
I cried out to help you
My friend who does nothing but love
I watched you high I watched you low
Never falling to far
I am glad to have been here
To help you get through her
I know I didn't fulfill,
but I helped somehow
I'll take your pain
Create with me
Chim was a way for you to breathe
I hope it was enough
To help you through this war called love
Take our hand
Before you leave
One more time, reaching our dreams
We feel incomplete
I know one day you'll solve that mystery
And make them feel the way you did me
Lend a hand to you my friend AE!