All Living Fear

L'Enfant De Mort

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How long since I saw, you were just a little girl.
You were playing with your dolls and toys,
But now you've swapped your toys for boys.
Unprepossessing daughter of Eve,
How much for him to bear your scars of life.
For beauty and looks bring no salvation,
Your body, to him, you sacrifice.
Now that you're older do you regret what you have done.
What's the price of popularity, the cost of having so much fun.

I, He, You, We, They.
Thou shall kneel before him pray.
Thou shall pay heed to his warning,
Listen little girl can't you hear him calling.
I said listen little girl,
Because the Devil is calling for you.

Naked I find you, cast aside and thrown away.
Your dress so pretty, torn asunder,
The last vestige of modesty.
Unto the earth your child was born,
Bastard son, product of a nightmare.
Helpless infant, innocent it appeared,
Helpless infant, the key to all living fears.
So he grew to loathe you for the pact that you had made.
The day he discovered a demon was your lover,
The boy became a man, the mother just a vassal for hate.

Autor(es): Andy Racher

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