L'enfant Sauvage

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So long I've been trying to match
It doesn't work, I'm trying, I don't know
The aberration of this world, I tried to deal with

It killed a part of me that was raging
The pain is gone, the denial
I ran away from instituitions
I owe myself life

There's no way I will respond to this passion
Anger flowing through me
There is light in this world I fight for
The reason you won't leave this cage
Betray your child
The desire that you once had to reveal yourself
Forgot to create your own life


This righteous anger boiling inside of us
Won't last forever
Don't fear to let it out
Branches have grown through
The wolf is your master
The sky is all over me
I run on time

Autor(es): Joseph Duplantier / Mario Duplantier