Sharon Van Etten


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There he goes.
He finally closed the door.
I turn the lock feeling more confused than before
What gives?
I thought that you would love more.
Now you're a coward, sure.
Then he rings.
Look in his eyes.
He loves you.

Well, well
I am bad.
Well, well, hell.
I am bad.

He's smart.
He leaves me wanting more,
Knowing that i gave less
And knowing why.
Time is what i would need.
Full of myself, indeed
Just walk away,
He loved you.

Well, well
I am bad.
Well, well, hell
I am bad at loving.

You know that i trusted you
But i could not let you do
To just fall in,
I wanted to try for you,
Wanted to die for you--
Dramatic things,
The lies...
I loved you.

Well, well.
I am bad
Well, well, hell
I am bad at loving you.

Autor(es): Sharon Van Etten

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