Leonard's Salvation

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Leonard come swim with us
Free yourself from the ship
Leonard come swim with us
You can control the sea
Grow your fins in a week

Come give it a chance

Leonard come take the leap
We will teach you to breath
Under water so deep
Right now make up your mind
You don't have too much time

What is your decision?


Let me back it up folks
I was at the end of my rope
Suffering on this boat

Of the rum I had two nips
Watching the moon get eclipsed
I thought I heard my name
Yet nary a soul to blame

I looked behind me - not a soul
I looked heavenward - nothing so
Nervously I craned my neck to look below
Perhaps the salt air and rum has taken its toll

There amidst the waves and froth
Were two sea-women
Beckoning me to go swimmin'
All I could do was blink my eyes and cough

I tell you, it was really no decision
When promised a two fifty year dive
I briefly glanced at the mast and leapt with precision
At last, I enjoy this being alive

I'm free

Till nineteen hundred eighty three
A merman I shall be

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