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The men of lawlessness are revealed,
They will judge, don't be shaken by their word.
Call them lepers and treat them so,
Wrench their begging bowl away.

Forbid them from entering assemblies,
Forbid them from leaving their homes,
Forbid them from speaking with any child,
Forbid them from working with other conspirators.

The men of wickedness are revealed,
Be not of those who'd shrink back from them.
Declare them dead and treat them so,
They are a plague making war with the world.


A war waged without hindsight and by any means,
Threats used for the suppression of the enemy.
Yet information discrediting an adversary,
Doesn't respond to the criticism laid against Scientology.

The sins of the leper,
The sins of the leper,
The sins of the leper,
Will drown mankind in Perdition.

Autor(es): G.H. Van Doorn