Lessons in death

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I'm gonna teach you everything you never learned
And if your playing in my fire then your gonna get burned
When you looked my way that was your first mistake
Now the time has come to teach you lesson two
I wish you'd wake the fuck up so I could show you something new
You look so god damn beautiful dressed in your own blood
Now lets get really fucked up

I'm like a lion eating more than I can hold
More of a demon than a man I ain't got no fucking soul
And those tears your crying ain't gonna stop me now
This is a moment that the two of us can share
It's our perfect coalescence, the smell of death is in the air
And the look in your eyes tells me that now you understand
These are your lessons in death

I'm not your brother
I'm your fucking enemy
My only pleasure comes from seeing you in pain
So take these lessons
Soak them in your suffering
I won't quit teaching till your all inside your graves
Or I'm in mine