The Lonely Forest

Lessons In Miscommunication II

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All is lost. All is black.
The world we knew it won't come back
Building our cities to the sky
And down they come, like a heavy rain
Through the years over centuries
We've paved our roads over memories
Surpassing that limitless sky
And we've come too far, second to the stars.

Angels weep at this gaping hole
Spilling blood till our lungs are full
Corrupt kings and governments fall
And we can't deny.

That we could have made, made a choice
To consciously love those who had no voice.
And give to the poor what they couldn't afford
And we'd live as one.

Yes we could have made, made a choice
To open our doors
And let man rejoice
In a beautiful world
And the billions of pearls
On the ocean floor.

They could not say everything, everything on their minds.
They could not say everything!
So they swallowed
The pill you gave them.

The stars are my home
Far outer space
I hide amidst black
From an ominous fate
That shows me the world can move slowly
No routine and a meaningful life

All we had is gone,
Tell me Lord what will I become?
When water, earth, and sky were sacrificed
By leaders ruling blind

So the trees die,
And the leaves fall.
Under gray sky,
No hope at all.

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