Lessons To Learn

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VERSE; My life isn't what I thought But I can't change What was given to me Oh, yes I didn't think It was my best But life gives us a test OF LESSONS TO LEARN LESSONS TO LEARN CHORUS; SO, we don't know When angels assist us The day we're born There is no way to know What God has in store
Just pray thaqt God Will keep us in His hand There are LESSONS TO LEARN VERSE; It took me many years to accept You
know life is a gift Yes, it can be good or bad So, we've come along way Yes, when I say There were lessons LESSONS
TO LEARN CHORUS; Repeat BRIDGE; Everything happens for a reason Don't question and learn the lesson There are LESSONS TO LEARN VERSE; It's best not to look back Trust and know You did your very best Believe in yourself And just keep a smile You have survived Yes, you passed the test There were LESSONS TO LEARN CHORUS; Repeat

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