Cats Are Aliens

Less Than Pedigree

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It's a son of a bitch I'm less than pedigree
I'm climbing the walls 'cause I couldn't climb the family tree
Should I tell you
I could have done better than this if I had wanted to
Or expel you
Beyond the horizon, where you don't have to hear me...

...Howl, howl, howl
Goddamn hound
Shut your yap right now!

I've had to ditch my mawkish tendencies
And swear at the bible to see if I can make it scream
Do the grand howl
If you say it with conviction will you adhere to the morals too?
It's a moot point
You timed your arrival to listen to the mongrel...

...Howl, howl, howl
Then put it down
Silencing its vow
Bow wow wow!

We pick, we choose
We sleep, we lose
We make the best of what we've got
We draw lots
I've got a bone to pick with you

I've got a bone too big to pick with you...

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