Les Strates

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To invoque destructive power in the hollow of my hand
To devastate this world, belonging of uneducated spirits
May destruction forever crash down over their lives
May lie shut up for truth to be revealed.

I am the elf with a bark soul, I populate the forest
I am hidden inside of you guardian of the lands from within
I am the being made of light who looms up from the far end of the woods
I am the ancestor who sleeps inside of you, who's waiting for you, who's looking at you

Total destruction for a Pagan, realization
To grind centuries of manipulations'
Illusions' enclosures
May night forever unfold over their lives
Total implication for a real progression

I am the elf of light, guardian of the ancestral lands
I am here now, just in front of you, I'm talking to you, can't you see me?
I am the breath of the wind, the colour of wheat and the smell of the undergrowth
I am the being who springs out within you,
... now...

Can't you see me?

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