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Microscope eyes
They said it wasn't normal
Looking at something you're not even supposed to see

World in disguise
You thought it wasn't your fault
Hearing the tales from the wind as it blew in the tree

You've been dreaming too long
You've been singing some mystery song
Don't you know kid that we love you love you love you...

You broke their rules
As questions came more often
Nobody knew about your friend in the garden outside

Felt like a fool
But pain was always softened
By hearing the songs from the wind as it blew through the night

You've been going too far
One day soon you'll forget where you are
Better find someone to love you love you
Better make sure that your feet still touch the ground

Then some silly reason
Made them want to cut the old oak
The only one you couldn't live without
Life would be
A letdown.

Why of all trees
It had to be this one you wonder
Why did it have to be your friend in sound?
Life must be
A letdown