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Let Down

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I used to think that you were my friend
We were in it together until the end
But now that's changed, now I know
Now your true colors, they fucking show

I have no respect for those who quit
No sympathy for you giving up
If it were up to me there'd be no pity
And you'd be out of luck
I've always put my faith in friends
And they've always come through
But I guess my first mistake
Was when I trusted you

Let down
I'm let down again

But the thing that hurts the most
What really gets to me
Wasn't when you fucked us over
And you called it quits
It was when you hung us out to dry
It was the simple fact that you
Couldn't look me in the eye

That's when I knew
We're fucking through
And you had no business with me
Because your opinion is not worth shit
And that is fucking it