Polar Bear Club

Let My Dry Eyes Play

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How can I see the dusty sunrise over a white fence?
A cup of coffee, throw in the jumble I can't do
Put me in slippers and flannel robes
Making me-e-e-e-e
A perfect man, but first drive a cement stake
Right down the middle, of this four letter word for bein' in the middle

Like a pro, like a pro
You fell HI-HO!
Can you let me know if I should stay?
'Cause I'll go home and let my dry eyes play

But I've got more to say
Choke any p.c. that you see
That tries to breathe like me
Take your bare hands to the circuits
And twist, twist, twist!
Until tears mask technology
Then even on you and me
Woah, you and me

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