Lethal Liddy

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He's good to go and ready to launch
At the left wing, the G-man taunts
I listen to Radio Free D.C.
Hosted by G. Gordon Liddy
John Popp pulls the levers and takes the fall
Cameron Gray just takes the girls and the calls
The equipment there gives 'em all a fuss
It's East German war surplus
Even though Mrs. Liddy owns all the guns
The mike is Gordon's weapon
that has the liberals on the run
If the Whitehouse monitors this program
All the more reasons
For Liddy to take a stand
He's the one that's in demand
The unstoppable G-man
He says what's on his mind
A conservative voice to cure the blind
He served time in the joint and got no slack
And made life miserable for some poor hack
Every time prison guards call on the show
He lets 'em all know where they can go
And if you're a product of the public schools
Hear his review of and comment on the news
You'll learn more on the show than on TV
And you can dial 1-800-GG-LIDDY

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