Hound Dog Taylor

Let's Get Funky

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Say what - I hear ya
Yeah, I hear ya yeah
You alright
Try, try it again, try it again
That's what she said
Baby, you should try it, you might like it
Honey, yeah, it's alright, I'll try

Yeah, yeah
Know what she told me
Can't tell ya
She said Hound Dog
I don't like you to do like that
I want you to do it this way
The way you do it
No way baby, lay it on me

I said honey I'm gonna try
I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try

I'm with ya
Baby your alright

You alright, you alright?
Show me
I can prove that you are
You be alright
You sure be alright
Your alright

That's good and that's good
Able and able

Autor(es): Hound Dog Taylor

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