Tenacious D

Let's Get It On

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I´ve been really trying baby
Try to hold on to this feeling
For so long
And if you feel like I feel suga
Come on,woow come on
Let´s get it on woow baby
Let´s get in on
Let´s love suga
Let´s get it on sugaaa
Let´s get it on
We are all sensitive people
Soo much to give
Understanding suga
Since we´ve got to be
I love you
And there is nothing wrong with me lovin´you
Baby no no no
And givin´yourself to me could never be wrong
If the love is true, oh baby
How sweet and wonderful life can be
I´m asking you baby to get along with me
Ooh baby
I don´t worry
Come on come on baby

Let´s get it on,let´s get it on
You know what I´m talkin´ bout

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