Mack 10

Let It Be Known

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Mack dime, Scarface (demand the respect)
X to tha Z Xzibit

I got trouble rhymes to a death the troubled times
A double nine incase niggas get out of line
And heaven knows that I tried to change
But in the mist of trying to be a better man
Trouble is all I can seem to see
And the fact I know tomorrow isn't promised to me
So from this day forth I'll be all I can be
My brother turned his back on me
Got to be my own man
Regardless of what the stakes is I'ma play my own hand
And I'm tired of being let down by my so-called friends
Regardless to the blood shed ? no tears in the end
Father please forgive for I have sinned ? forgive us all
But I ain't to blame ? the lunatics wearing my heart
And I think I gotta build another wall
Cause I don't want the world to see me
Cause maybe these demons will try to end me
I'm exhausted and my body's sleepy
Never the less it's hard to rest ? I'm a nervous wreck
I walk with the stress
I use to walk around with a vest
But now a days I be like ";fuck it dog
You fuck with me I gots to fuck with ya'll";
And ";make ends"; is just another word for ";pay back";
Paying you back today for this grudge that I had way back
You niggas I grew up with wouldn't play with that
I send you bitches to the morgue with holes in your head
No remorse ? why you think my niggas taught me to ball?
Cause I be walking around in designer suits?
In fact these niggas know that I'm the truth
Always scandalous ? eye before I shoot
For disrespect there is no excuse
Calling the choices

[Xzibit talking]
No respect, respect is respect

[Xzibit (chorus)]
Want a war? Die on
Walk the line g

Autor(es): B. Thomas / Xzibit

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