Let Me Breathe

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You’ve got me on a lockdown
Make it stop now
I’m tired of this overload

Yeah I’m through with constriction
Baby listen
You need to break your shackles oh

You keep breathing down my neck

(oh, oh)

You’re the shadow on my back

(oh, oh)

I just wanna live my life

(oh, oh)

So back off now, this isn’t right

I’m sleeping with my eyes wide open tonight
Cause you’ll be in my dreams if I dare close my eyes
Even under covers, will I be alright?
You’ve got me suffocating

So let me breathe
I need some air cause I
I’m stuck in this quicksand, and I wanna survive
Give me some freedom and some peace of mind
Let me breathe again before I die

You yeah you’ve got me sweating
I feel helpless
You’re sick and twisted, dangerous

You keep dragging me back down
Making me drown
No oxygen to fill me up

You must know what you’re doing
Such a demon
Why can’t you just let me breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe

Let me breathe

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