Let's get familiar

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Little black cat said, 'I miss you, baby'. She asked me for a script today.
She's lookin' to get a part in my play.
How did she know the way I feel?
Must be some sixth sense that they possess.
That was just a guess.

Let's get familiar.

I don't know if I've been thinkin' straight. I've been talkin' to my pets.
But they're cheaper than therapists and they tell it like it is.
How did they know the way I feel?

What am I supposed to do?
I put all my money on you. Now I'm runnin' from my best excuse.
Still can't get you where I want you. What's a girl supposed to do?
I put all my money on you...

Little black cat said, 'thankyou, baby'. I handed her a script today.
She knew she'd get the lead anyway.

Autor(es): Doc Horror / Zombina

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