Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down

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Let's go burn ole Nashiville down
Set it all aflame
BBQ the greedheads
Made country weak and tameBurn burn Nash Vegas
Char it's rancid soul
Burn burn Branson too
Make a big black hole

Country music is killing itself
Tryin' to be what it ain't
Garth Brooks sells as many as Manilow
Lee Greenwood is a saint
Burn burn Jimmy Bowen

Damn your puny soul
Burn burn Jimmy Bowen
Country can't be sold

Any fool can wear a hat
ANd not move when they play
But the lonesome howl of the white trash wolf
Can't be heard today
Burn burn the fake cowboys
The Vegas showbiz shit
Burn burn Branson too
Sold your soul for a hit

Let's go burn ole Nashville down
Burn it to the ground
Let's go burn ole Nashville down
Save the country sound
Burn burn soulless swine
Crossover igit pukes
Burn burn lyin' cheaters
Country don't have flutes

Autor(es): Jello Biafra / Mojo Nixon

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