The Judds

Let's Make a Baby King

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Once upon a Christmas morn there was a pretty little baby boy
It seems like I remember sadness mingling in the joy
For Mary saw the future and the sadness it would bring
And that's when Mary started crying when she heard the angels sing

Let's make a baby king let's make him Lord of all
Let's give him everything let's make a baby king

Now you remember little king David he's the little baby's kin
He's cousin to the man named John and I know you all remember him
And John said let's get ready the herald angels sing
Cause this old world needs to know the good news that I bring

Let's make a baby king...

[ guitar ]
Let's make a baby king...

Now we could use a revolution the world is turned upside down
We need a new direction we've got to turn this whole thing around
We need a Lord to guide us to teach us the wrong and right
And we need a lamb to lead us into the land of light

Let's make a baby king...

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