Abbie Gale


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Walk into the light of the sunbeam
There's an M in the end of the tunnel
Her hands wide open her eyes are in love
So much time these hands and these eyes

Now step into a yet well known place
There's an S in the end of the bedroom
Stressed and jealous but as time goes by
The S is somehow a part of your heart

To the M I love
And the S too
They sometimes switch
Or haven't they before
And all names of M
And all of S
They're showing them
Or showing me

Now a lot of years have passed
Other letters enter your life
Do you seek for an M
Or an S would be good instead
Remember no more tunnels
All letters ahead, all letters back
And a bright F is also there
A bright F is always there

Cause to the world I love
The world will cease
For just one hug will make it ease
In years to come
In spelling names
The world exists
And me within