Daniel Lavoie

Let the old dog sleep

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Couldn't get you right so I tried to get you wrong
Couldn't hum the tune so I had to sing along
Ran into a friend of mine who said he knew your name
But he really couldn't tell me, he says we all look the same
Put your right foot in, put your left foot in, step in the middle
Now where's the sin
Let the old dog sleep, now let it lie
Let the old dog sleep, now let it lie

Listening to the radio wakes me in the morning
Dreaming of that lady, oh she left me without warning
Holidays Saturdays, taxis and friends
Pay your bills on time, catch a train on time, get your plates on time
Fair square on the line
Let the old dog sleep, now let it lie

Arma-Jean, Arma-Jean, you're as sweet as a pickle, I'm superfry
Tell me that you love me or else I'm gonna cry, Arma Jean

Going to the movies on a Monday afternoon
Catch a train for Winnipeg or fly to Saskatoon
Give your life to politics or join a marching band
Gone away, gone away, gone away, gonna say
I've said it all before
So let the old dog sleep, now let it lie

Autor(es): Daniel Lavoie

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