Rodney Crowell

Let The Picture Paint Itself

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We try so hard to make it all work out
Sometimes sittin' on the top of the world sometimes very deep in doubt
And if the only thing that tomorrow brings is the sunrise on the top of that hill
I'm gonna sit right down and watch the world go round
And never thing about another damn bill
Some men live for money some for art
One guy thinks he's funny the other guy thinks he's smart
Everybody's gonna get lucky every now and then
And the one who's feelin' so lowdown now is later on gonna win
Let the picture pain itself and it'll be all right
You don't have to try so hard you don't have to hold on so tight
Oh let the picture paint itself and it's only get better
And when the day is through and it's just me and you
Well we'll be feeling so good we'll be knocking on wood
[ guitar ]
If you think we've got troubles just look around
And don't go out in public all turned upside down
If the only thing that you're livin' for is pain
There's a real good chance you'll get nothing more than a lot more of the same
Let the picture pain itself...
[ guitar - steel ]

Autor(es): Rodney Crowell

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