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Just a wild curtailed part of a dying doctrine rushes.
Misanthropes that sell their hate. Terror to impose their claims.
No desperates, no hungry men. Great powers made these puppets.
Left murderer hand, right murderer hand, joined strangling us. I know it.
One who kills his fellows doesn´t fight for them.
Seed of hate germinates without trouble
Bringing the disgrace to me quickly.
Flight of death. Flying now the game is over.
Terror among the crew, hidden.
Eyes that look its own truth, blindness for the rest.
Peace made by warmongers. This is warlike peace.

Weapons for the warlike peace or a bussiness to enrich.
“For the poor and the oppressed” while their weapons are killing them.
To execute, to prosecute with eyes of blood. Erroneus.
Injustice burns inside our veins and you breed more injustice.

Hey you motherfucker can you see the damage that i see?
Fill your eyes of red.
All this innocent people that won´t come back home again.
Violence = shit.