Daniel Amos

Like Lazarus

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Riches to rags I come from the grave
Moved by the power of your voice
I'll not shut the night up inside of me
Immersed in the burning flame back into misery

She'll be looking at my picture
When I knock on the door
I'll say "I'm no ghost, touch me"
She'll say "You're tracking dust on the kitchen floor"
Like Lazarus

There's a foul wind blowing, it's a pungent smell
A bark in the night and a muffled cry
One candle burns in the living room window
Could it be she's in there waiting for me in there?

She was just getting over it
Now I'm gonna drop in
I'll say "Surprise! Daddy's home!"
She'll say "Hey baby, just how have you been?"
Like Lazarus

Autor(es): Dave Raven / Greg Flesch / Terry Taylor / Tim Chandler