Frozen Mist


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Suspended animation drifts in the distance
A princess uplifts the cold breeze
She passifies my thoughts into the hollow wind
And kisses my lips with a desire to freeze.
She elevates the unholy torn remains
And captivates the empty isolation
To pry the seepage of pure tranquility
Into an expiring decay of desolation.

...and like a ghost of mist you levitate above the ground
Her soft gentle feet afloating high in our sky!
...just like the beauty that forms screaming waves of nature
I beckon to become one with you, chastise thru your eyes!

A creation of spells you cast with your magical knowledge
Her calligraphy designs of destiny appear in my mind
My fractured hands still cling onto your paleness
Shapes of twisting, churning icons revealing severed time.

Levitating bodies corrupt the desires left in despair
Elevate the soulless encounters so nothing else compares.
Swallow our beautiful reverie, bow our heads to say our prayer
Conform into dialysis, separation of inconsistent nightmares.

Redemptions left woven in lonely misguided spirits.
She dissolves the shackles of our ardent irritations.

She lies awake in the stillness of night. Surrounded by thin air.
The melodic darkness diaries. Bitter convulsions. Shattered in her breach.
The mist is moist, harmful to the touch. Numbness coincides us inside.
We're trapped in a lament prosthetic. A degradation of pain.

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