Reo Speedwagon


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A man once said love is all you need
And if not right he was close indeed
It won't pay the rent
Won't buy your shoes
But it's time well spent if it keeps away the blues
It won't turn the tide or stop the rain
And deep down inside there might be a little pain
But you still go through it
'Cause it gets you through the night
'Cause when you get down to it love is all right

Love is all right
Love is all right
Oh, love is all right

When your girl walks out you just want her back
You got to have her now and that's a fact Jack
'Cause as big and bad and mean as you are
You can't watch you're woman in another man's car
You want to keep that girl in you're passenger seat
You want to find her groove, want to keep her beat
So if you have to do it, you're ready to fight
'Cause when you get down to it love is all right

Autor(es): Bruce Hall / Bryan Hitt / Dave Amato / Kevin Cronin / Neal Doughty

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