Lux Occulta

Library On Fire

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I've walked thousand miles and I didn't move at all
I've found thousand paths and I never knew where to go
I've never been allowed to breathe the sweet winds of Carmel
can't you Omniscient One foresee the coming storm?
I spend each hundred years erasing your footsteps
Like a mad architect I've build the walls out of air

Your wounds were never deep enough
To hide the Question and the Fear
My wounds were always the sacrifice
For the blind Beast of Labyrinth

Forbidden Fruit on Fire

One Name
One God
One Man
this makes me sure
what a painful certainty

How safe do you feel hidden behind
letters, ciphers, numbers, names?
Take my vile burnt offering
If there is a death - I am your Death
through this flames I resurrect
spirits injured with ink and paper
Aeons once decapitated
with the scissors of Highest Censor

I set the Library ablaze
I kiss the curse of wisdom goodbye

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