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I was kind of your sister all the time
We needed no words to communicate
You were kind of my brother all the time
We knew we would never separate
And when there were hard times
We helped, consulted and consoled each other
And even if we didn't meet for a while
When we came together again
We understood at once what the other meant

And it's a lie that I don't need your company anymore
But I will not bleed, even though it hurts
And I mustn't weep or try to hold you back
It's your decision; if you really want to go- get away right now
If I could decide which heart to love, I swear; it would be yours

This time you're here to tell me
You're in love- that's nothing new
I could consult you, like I always did before
But this time it's something else:
It hurts you to stay with me, and I donâ??t want to lose you
Nor do I want you to love me, because I don't love you like that
And if it hurts you, you're right to go
It hurts me too, but you don't have to know