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There´s no more time
I´ll awake to my path
There´s no more reason to cry for this loss
Answers I seeked, but I´ll proceed with those doubts
Life shows me how to go through this agony

I need someone to
Dry my tears
Hold my hand
Cause here I stand
God why do I have this Life?
Why am I here
With all those fears

And the Future is inside of this agony
And the life that I seek now is closed for me
All my life, I have been lost inside this cage
Now I search
I Can´t find
I just run from this

I´m afraid that I´ll be alone once again
On this path that I walk, I can´t see the way
And those tears on my eyes blinds me day by day
Now I search
I will find
I can´t run from me

Now I know that you were
The only ones who really, really loved me
Now I believe that you were
The mother and father that they told me

I am glad I was your child
Please believe me when I say
That I always loved you
But this time I need to let it go
I need to find my endless glory.

No more subjugation
No more right or wrong
There will be no more maps
To guide the path to go

No more judgment for my sins
Neither punishment for my acts
There are many choices
Directions for my life

Images and fears
Hold my hand
It's time to face your life
Find your way
No more tears
Cause here I stand
This time I found my life
I found my way

Now, I am here with all those fears
I need someone to dry my tears
Hold my hand 'cause here I stand
God why do I have this life
Why am I standing here
With all those fears?

What are thoughts made of?
I just don´t know
We are locked into preset ideas