Kanda, Kodza I Nebojsa


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I take a walk of life into the center I go through with care
I know I gotta make it one day
And if reality move the wicked eye on I
Let me tell you I gotta get it off a my way
And if I finally come in you want to see
I hold the truth though them try to hide it away
And if them have to face a seriouss problem
The rest is history that had to end
Life gonna be cool I am sure
Everything gonna be cool I am sure
I got my life to live and give another with prayer in heart
Gettin bolder and stronger with time
I see the change and I hold it to the fullness
Leavin myself harmless & get away from the crime
Cause a man can keep it cool no matter what
The situation picture or moment look like you know
And he can always keep it cool especially if he's
1 in a 1 000 000

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