King Missile


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With its wonderful smells,
With its enchanting plant life,
With its exhilarating animal life,
With its perplexing micro-orgasmic life
And so on.
With it's amazing sensations,
With its scintilating sounds,
With it's vivacious visions,
With it's yummy tastes,
And so on.

With its natural elements,
Its unnatural elements,
And all its other elements,
And so on.

With its death, with its birth,
With its girth, with its earth
With its stars and its bars and its buildings
And poison and power
And flowers and showers
And children and viruses
And get rich quick schemes
And all that other life stuff
And so on and so forth and so on

This is life the one you get so go and have a ball
This is life,
Don't worry, it will kill you,
Don't worry, it's delicious,
Don't worry,
It'll all be over sooner than Shiva can open an eye.

A circle
Whose center is everywhere
And whose circumference
Is nowhere.

Autor(es): Chris Xefos / Dave Rick / Humberto Ramírez / John S. Hall

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