Life is Beautiful

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As i walk these broken streets of rome
i know i've never found a better home
then where we're living now, the shores of pompeii
but there's something wrong, its a mortals song
they said they don't believe, i found him on the tree
outside the cathedral
its not alright anymore,
its not fair to hold a hand, when the taste of sand
and volcano blood is like a quiet world and a heart of mud
and ash
but the sun is still shining, so bright through the fog
isn't that kind of odd?

i can feel a heartbeat from a distance
its barely in my chest
i know i wouldn't have this meaning
if you were like all the rest
its like the sun is a beacon
just lighting my path, as i walk through the dark
yeah, you're an echo, a phrase
my halcyon days
are all thanks to you
you've brigtened my spirits, gave hope to my heart
even in the pitfalls of history
well history tends to repeat itself
just like i'm repeating words

as the gray skies of that tuesday rain down wallstreet men
i know its somehow better than it maybe could have been
as the prices fall, that baby crawls and doesn't miss a thing
he's just a reason for why theres something bright
in all the darkest days
call it history, call it fact
but know even i would travel back
to that single routine second that the shining era died
Gatsby was forgotten, replaced by misery
money new and old was just replaced with shallow dust
as the sun sets over the midwest shrouding us in shadow
of what we meant to be
we're still here, and we still breathe
who gets any reason to just pack up and leave?
i'll be the one to stay, saying the money will return

i can feel a heartbeat from a distance
resonating in my chest
i know i wouldn't have this meaning
if you turned out like the rest
oh the sun seems like a beacon
just a light unto my path, as i walk on through the dark
yeah, you're an echo, a phrase
my halcyon days
are all thanks to you
you'll shine in all the darkest corners
spotlights on the sin of man
when we seem to fight a war just over nothing
i know theres just a reason it began
(it began, it began, it began)

the dust of the city was bound to stay for weeks
but we all stayed at the screens waiting for the president to speak
it was all there was to do, yeah there was nothing new
but thats just news, its just news
as the orders were all issued and the troops were then deployed
it was all that we had left with our morale since destroyed
but nothing is broken when it was never fixed
and it never will be
but aren't we still free despite all the rules?
who do you take us for, some halfhearted fools?
we still have our minds and this freedom of phrase
someday we'll look back and think that these were the days
these were the days, since hell, it could've been worse
that son of a sinner seems like a curse
but heed my words, hell, it could've been worse

i can feel this heartbeat through the distance
echo through my chest
i know i wouldn't think this meaning
if you had been just like the rest
you just made me so happy,
that the shadows are revealed as trees upon the window
nothing is as bad as it may initially seem,
your my echo, a phrase
this halcyon daze
is all thanks to you

looking back on history,
i find speedbumps in our dreams
every cloud has silver lining
and its you who made me see
the light in the darkness
i know this song is serious
but this is seriously love
i know i may sound foolish,
but i'm just a fool for you
i'm just a fool for you
your an echo, my phrase
my halcyon days
a golden haze
over the pitfalls of history
when history repeats itself
just like the words i'm repeating.

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