Light Of Rotting Memory

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Leaf has fallen from a tree, knocking to my window.
The cold wind has carried away the dreams of freedom, dreams of future, ashes…
I wait that you will come to recollect sorrow.
Light of rotting memory devours my soul like the hungry beast.

Come to my home, Autumn!
Memory is killing me
Cover my house leaves, Autumn!
Memory is dancing with me
I am alone and…
Memory is killing me
I am alone and…
Memory is dancing with me

The autumn is inevitable…

The yellow leaf has turned over and has departed away
As if trying to tell: “Farewell”.
I have seen it at last time
And have opened a door to feel an autumn smell…

The whirlwind of leaves has rushed to the house, sweeping away all on the way and then I saw the setting girl behind the table.
Her skin has consisted of number leaves and the tears have stiff on her eyelashes.