5 Bugs

Light Up Your Fire

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The certainty of our belief
is what you feel, is what you breathe
not what you hear, nor what you see.
Try to make up your mind. Think of what we need.
Trapped i a cage. Trapped in ourselves.
We try to face our inner hell.
And probably someday we're free.
If we take a step to freedom finally.

You need something to believe in, before
you waste your life away. Go and light
on your own fire that will guide you
on your way. You need something to
believe in, in this world we're living
in. of course, everything knows better,
but no one's listening.

Anxiety is our enemy from the day
we're born till the day we leave.
im sure there is something more.
Something big that make this
Place worth living for.
You'll never understand
our reasons. do you
believe it?