All Get Out

Like A Child

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Hands and feet
Skin and hair
Flesh and bones
For a cross to bear

Love and war
The stories you tell
To your friends and loves and kids
But you look like a child alone and at night

Alone is right
Tonight is the night
I walk unharmed without a single fight
Don't stir up the beast
Inside of me
Got to keep those demons down

But your head stayed high
Didn't stop to think twice

You know it blows my mind
Consider place and time
Thought life was hard until those red letter lines
This book's worn thin with places I've been
Oh the truth would set you free

Try to take it in
Breath it in
While you're thinking
Think about the walk
Let us sink and hope you never feel like this
Feel like…

Maybe it's not bad
It's just sad
Sad to waste your
One chance at life
For a race that will surely die